DEVGAME`s story: from the creation of the company to its launch into the world.
What started in 2016 as a small group of enthusiasts, has over time become a tight-knit team of DEVGAME, which celebrates its 5th birthday.
The future founders of DEVGAME started working with children's mobile games with popular brands back in 2009. But at some point, the dream of owning a business won out stability and a high salary in hiring. And in 2016 the history of DEVGAME began.
It all started with the classics, or to be more precise, with the idea! We wanted not only to create games for toddlers, but to benefit both children and their parents.

At the origins of DEVGAME, there was a small team of managers who had extensive experience in the IT-industry behind their backs. Each of the managers was good in their niche and was responsible for a specific process in the development of the game. The first office for the company was a room in an apartment, converted into an office.
"When DEVGAME only began its journey, we worked in a rented flat and reinvested all the revenue in the company. So we were extremely motivated to reach the status of good brands contacting us, of being able to rent an office and get some semblance of salary at least. We were so worried because of the first rejections and dreaded to hire new employees while continuously learning how to manage a company - it makes us smile when we think about it now."
Elena Naumova, DEVGAME's Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder
The first stage for us was matchmaking for cooperation. Having written to all animation brands and receiving approval from the studio "Aeroplan", we started developing our first mobile game with "Fixies". We had only 4 developers, 15 thousand dollars and the confidence that everything will definitely work out. In just 4 months since its inception, our first game "Fixies: Quest" appeared in the App Store and Google Play. The game continues to gain active players even now.
⠀ ⠀ "Fixies: Quest"
DEVGAME`s first mobile game
Of course, the release of the first game didn`t guarantee us instant income. Our first profit from the application was $50, but we worked on the revshare basis, which obliged us to pay $25 to the right holder. For this payment, we had to pay $25 as a commission for the bank, so the first month after the release of the game we made zero profit.
Our second partner was the "Kid-E-Cats" brand from STS. The animated series had just started coming out and wasn't very popular when we saw it at the exhibition. But our intuition told us that we could achieve a lot with this brand.

So in a month our first game "Kid-E-Cats: Picnic" received 1 million downloads, which was a new step for DEVGAME. Within a year, the company finally paid off and its further partners were such brands as: Robocar Poli, Blue Tractor, Kukutiki, Moonzy, etc.
"For the first 5 years we searched, experimented and tried to survive. And if at first I was afraid to give up responsibility, kept everything on myself and the founders of the company, now I am moving towards relaxed, open and horizontal relations in the company."
Maksym Kochurin, DEVGAME's Chief Executive Officer and co-founder
Lot of people ask what difficulties arose during the development of the company, and how did DEVGAME solve them?
Difficulties encountered company at every stage, but for us it remained an integral part of the work, deciding which we can move forward.

So, at the beginning of our journey, we received a lot of rejections from brands. Someone didn't see the potential in us, someone simply didn't answer, and someone asked for a large amount of the minimum guarantee. Which is actually a cool trait that helps right holders immediately throw off companies that are unsure of their game idea.
As there are a lot of developers who are afraid that they will not be able to recoup their project in the near future, or they simply want to make a low-quality game and make money only because of the brand name.
Therefore, having gained even more experience and confidence in the success of all our projects, we have reached a new level of cooperation for us, where we no doubt agree to deal with a minimum guarantee with the largest brands.

And the first such partner for us was the studio "Animaccord" with the brand "Masha and the Bear".
Our confidence has justified itself, because the game "Masha and the Bear: Pizzeria", even after 6 months from the date of release, collects 300 thousand downloads a day.
The biggest difficulty remains that a lot of things in the IT industry do not depend on us. For example, store search algorithms. Their automatic updating in the App Store and Google Play can lead to a downloads and income drop in several times.On our way, we also came across competitors who are putting all their energy into removing applications from high positions simply by leaving tons of negative comments on the games.

That is why we track every comment and try to keep in touch with our users.
"The main thing for us is not to get put off by problems and failures. Even mistakes give you experience that brings you closer to your goal."
Maksim Kotov, DEVGAME's Creative Director and co-founder
We have built a great company of cool specialists who together make incredible products, but we are not going to stop there.

Over the past two years, we have changed the company's management system more than five times and, as a result, we are finally find the most efficient one for DEVGAME - a hybrid one.

The system assumes the appearance of teams in DEVGAME, which have become full cycle mini-studios.
A little more about our new management structure:

  • DEVGAME now has teams that consist of two departments - production and marketing
  • we removed game designers from teams and created a separate creative department
  • instead of game designers, teams now have a product owner who is responsible for the final result
  • we also made financial information public for managers, who have to make decisions in teams
  • teams now have a system of ready-made solutions that helps to reduce costs and time for game development. Teams are working to fill this constructor with their ideas and cases, in order to further speed up the entire development process.
Thanks to the hybrid structure, we were able to increase the motivation of all employees, and double DEVGAME's profits. Despite the fact that a lot has changed during this time, our overall vision for DEVGAME has not changed.

For us games are like music, you only have 7 notes, but depending on how you arrange them, you end up with something unique.

It is also important for us to create high-quality educational games for children, giving free time and peace of mind for parents. Be brave and flexible, be young at heart, enjoy what we do.
What will happen next? Development of the company, transformation into a holding, creation of new projects and products - it can be anything you like, but we are sure it will be interesting.

Over the past five years, we have grown a lot, learned to work remotely and in different time zones, changed several offices because we were getting cramped, conducted hundreds of job interviews, and released dozens of games. Leading animation studios and foreign companies have become DEVGAME's partners while over 60,000,000 parents and their kids around the world have trusted us. And you know what? We are only starting our journey!
1 Jule / 2021