How to choose games for kids?
Are kids' mobile games harmful or helpful? That's a topic one can argue endlessly about. Some believe that gadgets worsen the eyesight and damage kids' psyche as well as turn them into zombies while others believe that mobile games are an excellent brain training opportunity and a way to keep kids occupied.
We will not argue about which one is correct and which one is not, but, as a matter of fact, almost every kid plays games on a phone or tablet. And since mobile games have inevitably made their way into our lives for good, let's figure out how to choose the right application for your kid.
Games are divided into categories ranging from those for the smallest babies to those for teenagers. So pay attention to the age rating of the application since in kids-oriented games you will not encounter prohibited content. Read reviews because users usually state all the advantages and problems of the app. And, of course, play the app with your kid, watch what they do and make sure everything in the game matches the description.
Many people are used to thinking that mobile games are just created for entertainment with no possible learning element but this is not true. Many educational apps on the market can be safely called interactive tutorials. So if you are worried that your kid spends time on useless stuff, pay attention to educational games, they help to develop useful skills in the kid, familiarize them with the world around them, and teach them spelling and counting. We have some in our arsenal, by the way!
In the fields, in the fields, the Blue Tractor on big wheels ... and on your phone! Every kid and parent knows this song by heart so we could not resist the urge to make two educational games based on the series. Inside, you will find various teaching topics to help your kid train their memory and logic, and practice new knowledge with tasks in the form of play.
Kid-E-Cats: Kids is a set of 18 educational minigames with your favorite characters that will enhance your kid's development in a playful way, day-by-day, and learn a lot about the world around us!
In Moonzy: Kids your children will familiarize themselves with the world of animals and fish, learn various transport types, and even become musicians! And they will also see all fruits and vegetables and will know how to distinguish food from inedible stuff!
Let's keep your kids busy together! We have a lot of kids' games in which they are taught by means of implicit learning. You can find the games in the DEVGAME's profile on App Store and Google Play.
19 February / 2021