DEVGAME Turns 6: the Summer Party
DEVGAME is not just about work, but also cool events
Every year, in our company we hold a summer party that leaves the warmest memories for the whole year to come.

This summer party was held separately for our two offices from different cities, but we still did our best to create the same vibe and do the same activities.
The party started on June 10th (it was made a day off in the company).
The guys met at 7 am at DEVGAME's office, had pizza for breakfast, loaded cars with all the necessary things, and set off to the recreation center in a 10-car row.

The trip was about 2 hours, and on the way everyone exchanged photos and shared information on the route, so no one would get lost.
After arriving at the center, the first thing everyone unpacked and settled in their huts, had some rest, and began to prepare for the party. The guys were divided into teams: someone prepared dinner, others, the area, and one team was responsible for reporting the events.

Together guys all quickly completed tasks and were rewarded with delicious pilaf.

After lunch there was celebration. It was interesting to learn how the company has grown since its foundation and to listen to stories about how it all began :-) Then the guys opened the box in which were gifts from their colleagues from other offices, and were happy as kids to receive their presents.
Guys are fond of theme parties and this party was no exception. The theme of the party was the 90s: everyone came up with a costume and could demonstrate it in the fashion contest :-) A photozone with a carpet background was set up by the guys specifically for that purpose.
After the official part of the event the guys had the opportunity to talk to each other informally, play table tennis, volleyball, go to the sauna and have a swim in a mountain river. The perk of the trip was that there was no coverage at the center and even the most timid ones could find a companion to their liking instead of being glued to their phone.

In the evening, there was dinner, pleasant conversations, and songs around the campfire :-)
The guys celebrated the summer party at a campsite: the organizers decorated the site in the morning, prepared food and drinks, and later the other guys arrived.
In the beginning there was the official part: the guys were given company's T-shirts, then they were divided into teams and took part in competitions. Close-knit teams guessed emoji puzzles, built marshmallow towers, and tested their intuition guessing which glasses had ping pong balls under them. And of course there was beer pong! To avoid upsetting people, everyone, winners and losers, got prizes.
DEVGAME - 6 лет. Office 2
Closer to the evening the guys opened presents from their colleagues from other offices (before the party we put together and sent each other boxes with surprises).
We didn't leave our founders without attention: we prepared a basket with goodies for them and gave our best wishes for the birthday of the company.

And then there was dancing, a lot of jokes, kind words, and songs to the guitar. The most resilient saw the sun rising over the city. By the way, it was very beautiful: the morning haze covered the field, the first rays of sunshine began to light everything around, and the birds woke up. The city began to come alive, and the corporate party came to an end.
1 June / 2022